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Bestech Knife Delta Bronze Titanium, Black Stonewashed S35VN by Poltergeist Works (BT2006D)

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Bestech Knife Delta Bronze Titanium, Black Stonewashed S35VN by Poltergeist Works (BT2006D)
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Cena: 1 078,00 PLN 876,42 PLN netto
Producent: Bestech Knives
Status: dostępny od zaraz
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Delta Bronze Titanium, Black Stonewashed, a titanium compact EDC folder aimed at discerning buyers, the result of a collaboration between Polish designer Jakub Wieczorkiewicz (Poltergeist Works) and Bestech Knives. Minimalist handle, excellent blade steel!!!

Jakub Wieczorkiewicz (Poltergeist Works) - one of the first Polish knifemakers creating custom folding knives. Simple, sophisticated yet fully usable form is the hallmark of his works.

CPM S35VN - American martensitic high-alloy stainless steel with a hardness of 59-61 HRC, one of the best blade steels. Designed to provide better strength compared to CPM S30V, while keeping corrosion resistance at the highest level. Manufactured by US Crucible Industries using the particle metallurgy / Crucible® Particle Metallurgy (CPM) method. The CPM process creates a very homogeneous, high-quality steel with excellent dimensional stability, grindability and ductility compared to steels produced by conventional methods. The chemical composition has been balanced so that it is composed of 0.5% niobium carbides (Nb) along with 3.0% vanadium (V) and 14.0% chromium (Cr) carbides. Replacing some of the niobium carbides with vanadium carbides makes the steel about 15-20% harder than S30V without sacrificing wear resistance, and it is also easier to machine and polish. The improved strength of CPM S35VN also provides better resistance to edge chipping.

Blade - Wharncliffe type with a Black Stonewashed finish masking minor scratches. The straight cutting edge converges towards the needle-sharp tip of the knife. The thickness of the blade provides high strength while the high, flat grind gives excellent cutting edge geometry and extreme cutting performance. Ceramic ball bearings support the opening of the blade with a quick index-finger flipper (flipper) when opened acting as a stag. A section of the blades back is covered with an upper jimping, notched thumb rest for easy control of the knife. An additional element for easier control is a recess on the back of the wedge at the jimping. The whole thing is locked with the proven and popular frame lock with a steel insert to prevent wiping of the lock face.

Handle - is two pieces of solid titanium 6AL4V. Chamfered edges of the covers eliminate sharp edges for comfort and improve grip security. Characteristic of Jacobs designs are large screws attaching the liners to the spacers. The so-called open-backed design without the typical backspacer, fastened together with steel spacers for easy cleaning. The simple, secure design gives assurance of many years of use. A single-position, right-handed titanium clip allows the knife to be carried in the tip-up position, with the tip of the blade upward.

Case - the knife is packed in a zippered nylon soft pouch with the brands logo for safe carrying and storage of the folder.

Technical data:
Product number: BT2006D
Product name: Delta Bronze Titanium, Black Stonewashed

Overall length:153.0 mm / 6.02"
Blade length: 64.0 mm / 2.52"
Blade thickness: 3.5 mm / 0.138"
Handle length: n.d.
Handle thickness: n.d.
Weight: 83.0 g / 2.93 oz

Blade material: S35VN
Blade hardness: 59-61 HRC
Blade grind: Flat
Blade finish: Black Stonewashed

Handle material: Titanium 6AL4V
Handle finish color: Bronze
Backspacer material: Titanium 6AL4V
Backspacer color: Black

Clip: Right, Tip-Up
Clip material: Titanium 6AL4V

Pivot mechanism: Caged Ceramic Ball Bearing.
Locking mechanism: Frame Lock
Opening method: Manual, flipper
Additional accessories: Pouch

Designer: Jakub Wieczorkiewicz (Poltergeist Works)
Brand name: Bestech
Manufacturer: Bestech Knives
Country of origin: P.R.C

Development: the Sharg® company

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