Herbertz Solingen shovel 2-in1, case (55015)

Herbertz Solingen shovel 2-in1, case (55015)
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Cena: 68,00 PLN 55,28 PLN netto
Producent: Herbertz
Status: dostępny od zaraz
Dostępność: 17
Wysyłka: 20,00 PLN (przedpłata)

The CJH Herbertz Solingen Shovel 2 in 1 (55015) is the perfect handy tool, a must-have in the car trunk. A folding pickaxe and a serrated surface on the side have been added to the standard shovel. Bestseller!

C.Jul. Herbertz GmbH, a legendary company in the knife world with an excellent reputation. The name refers to the founder of the company. Carl Julius Herbertz founded the company in 1868 in the city of Solingen, which has been the center of German knife and cutting tool manufacturing since the Middle Ages.

A3 - austenitic stainless steel, excels in adverse weather conditions, is well "weldable" and does not react with food products (used in the food industry). It has increased corrosion resistance due to additives (molybdenum).

Shovel and pick - covered with black protective coating. On the side of the shovel serrated cutting edge can be used as a blade or saw. Thanks to the possibility of mounting at an angle of 90 or 180 degrees, we can adapt the shovel to the currently needed arrangement of tools

Handle - made of black plastic for a secure grip even in the rain or frost. All folded, fits in a case that we can clip to the belt.

Technical data:
Product number: 55015
Product name: Herbertz Solingen CJH, shovel 2 in 1

Length (closed): 153.0 mm / 6.02"
Length (open): 400.0 mm / 15.7"
Weight: 515.0 g / 18.2 oz

Shovel Material: A3
Bucket Finish: Black

Handle Material: Plastic
Handle Finish Color: Black

Designer: Herbertz
Brand name: Herbertz
Manufacturer: C.Jul. Herbertz GmbH

Development: Sharg® Company

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